melea is actually one Council member for the Kusama network

and active in the validator set, validating blocks covering services from America to Europ.


Thank you for your support of our Validation and Councillior service now with

+25k KSM Nominees for validator.

+500k KSM in Votes for Councillor.



melea-◮👁◭ -The Council


What is “The Council”?


To represent passive stakeholders, we introduce the idea of a “council”. The council is an on-chain entity comprising a number of actors each represented as an on-chain account. For Polkadot this number is likely to begin at around six people, and increase over the course of 9 months to 24 people (roughly one extra individual coming on every two weeks). In general it has a fixed number of seats (envisioned to be 24 for Polkadot) and all members have a fixed term (12 months). Each of the members is elected through an approval vote.

melea is occupying 1 of the 13 Councils seats, today with 13 Votes

Vote melea for Council → Guide

What is the Council in the Kusama network and how to vote for Councillors.


melea ◮👁◭ Validator & Councillor Campaign:



UI → https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/council

melea is occupying 1 of the 13 Councils seats, today with 13 Votes





melea-◮👁◭  Validators

We are currently operating 4 validator nodes in Kusama, 2 are open to receive nominations, once the POA is finished we will activate the other two validators and open them to receive nominations as well.


 melea Validator service for Kusama is covering this locations

🇺🇸 USA,   🇨🇦 Canada,   🇩🇪 Germany,  🇫🇷 France

with Sentrys and Validators nodes.

Check some of the Sentrys nodes here on Telemetry  → https://telemetry.polkadot.io/#/Kusama%20CC2


With a latency mostly below one second in the propagation of blocks throughout our infrastructure, allowing us to constantly produce blocks and not lose blocks, which is reflected in our “ERA Points” by being won in every session and that is above the half.


Why melea to staking?

We have very secure Datacenters, protection against Ddos, IP blocks, experience operating servers and offering validation service for more than three years.


We have been validating in the Polkadot testnets for more than a year → AkA POC-2, and we have had the privilege of learning from Gav and the entire Parity / Substrate team. Our learning is constant and current, we are very present in the chats, socials media, and more, learning day by day how to operate our nodes in the best and safest way possible.


→ We are a decentralized Validation service in ways of growth and expansion.


If you give us support, you will see the results not only in your returns by NPOS, =(more KSM) but also win because we are a very active part of the community that works every day to see it grow and happy.





Validator → melea-◮👁◭


Validator account for nominations



Validator → melea-◮👁◭


Validator account for nominations



3.- → Soon

Validator → melea-◮👁◭


Validator account for received nominations soon


4.-→ Soon

Validator → melea-◮👁◭


Validator account for received nominations soon




How to nominate our Validators → Guide


Thank you for your support





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