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At melea blockchain solutions, we care about the environment and our work is focused on not letting a negative impact on the planet.


Our servers are currently distributed around the world and not in a single location. None of our servers are in Google cloud or Amazon. Each server is independent for each application with which we work.


We offer service 24 hours 365 days a year.

We have emergency contingency plans in case of a server presenting connectivity problems or any other type of intervention necessary to offer 100% online service 24×7.


Every day we care about security at all levels that our business encompasses and we work on updating, changing or implementing any current security measures necessary for one more efficient and secure work.

For the security of your investment we have servers with DDoS protection, and hardware and software tools to guarantee never double sign and be available 24×7, we have experience in PoS for more than two years and our servers 100% available and never signed double in all our trajectory. More security measures will be implemented when necessary.

Currently, the company is in the process of growth and development, we do not have or request external financing, thanks to the support of our delegators which helps to decentralize our services and allows us to grow at the speed we want. Special thanks to all they.


We want to build applications that today are just ideas and we think they will have a real use in the population and will be useful for users when being a reality.

We are exploring the technologies in which we are currently working, looking for the ideal indicated for the development of them and their presentation to the general public. If any or all of the applications that we think about developing have a related token and arrive in the real world; we will airdrop these tokens on our delegators in gratitude for having supported any of our nodes. *The conditions for these plans on airdrops will be published at the time.

The type of architecture that we apply in the nodes/servers is explained in broad strokes in each section for each corresponding application.


We are currently proud to validate blocks in the next’s Blockchains


melea Cosmos Validator


melea Iris Validator


melea Kava Validator


melea Peerplays Witness



melea Polkadot Validator (Testnet)



Kusama Validator


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3 more coming Soon 2019


If you wish to delegate and are clear about what it means to invest in blockchain technology in the long term, welcome you can contact us through our channels by telegram/riot/twitter/telephone or e-mail, ask for help or any doubt.




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