Currently we are proud to be participate in the Cosmos testnet:

Gaiad-:  4k, 5k, 6k, 7k, 8k, 9k, GoS, 10k, 11k, 12k, 13k, to Mainnet

can see the History for somes chains here

Last testnet gaiad-13001

Currently we are proud to participate in the recent Cosmos launch and actual mainnet.


Officially, rewards blocked for 24 months* + compounding and from month 25 to month 37 meleaTrust Validator can only release 10% of the total rewards obtained during the first two years, in case company want to do some unbound for invest in the infrastructure of the company.

(*rewards blocked from  JUN 10, 2019 to  JUN 10, 2021)


Cosmos Validator “meleaTrust”

Validator: meleaTrust
Now Commission Rate is 8%

Owner: cosmosvaloper1zqgheeawp7cmqk27dgyctd80rd8ryhqs6la9wc

 How to delegate?

Need assistance or any help fell free to DM Telegram user @melea_trader @meleatrust or sent email to

Talking about  ATOMS and UATOMS

1 Atom = 1,000,000.00 UATOSM

Example for delegate 1000 atoms

for Delegate 1000 ATOMS = 1000000000 UATOMS


gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1zqgheeawp7cmqk27dgyctd80rd8ryhqs6la9wc 100000000uatom --gas auto --gas-prices 0.025uatom --from Key-name --chain-id cosmoshub-2

For Undelegate or Unbond and get Atoms Out the validator service


Example forUnbond 1000 atoms


gaiacli tx staking unbond cosmosvaloper1zqgheeawp7cmqk27dgyctd80rd8ryhqs6la9wc 1000000000 --gas auto --gas-prices 0.025uatom --from keyname --chain-id cosmoshub-2

ERROR: {“codespace”:”sdk”,”code”:12,”message”:”out of gas in location: ReadFlat; gasWanted: 106412, gasUsed: 106495″}

then need up and add gas manually example
 Because gas claim need be up to 106495 add --gas 111111

this way


gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper1zqgheeawp7cmqk27dgyctd80rd8ryhqs6la9wc 100000000uatom --gas 111111 --gas-prices 0.025uatom --from Key-name --chain-id cosmoshub-2
How can withdrawal your rewards back to you and delegate more or spend your Atoms after delegate



gaiacli tx distr withdraw-all-rewards --from keyname
What is key name sir?

Actually Running multiples servers public and privates in different countries . Canada, France, Germany, Spain.

We are not in possession of any Atom to auto delegate and activate our validator node. We believe in the decentralization of the blockchain and in the interest of the tokens holders to have multiple safe nodes responsible and trusted Nodes. Therefore we hope to have enough support on your part to activate our validator node if you are interested in having meleatrust in your Validator team.

SEE Official Cosmo info


Proposal for be a Validator in the Cosmos Hub Beta

This is an example of the configuration of the servers and the security that we have and plan to deploy in the Cosmos blockchain.

And note that it is currently under construction, and it is not the final configuration.

We are currently studying on implementing a hardware wallets for the private key and more security steps are being studied and reviewed with external companies, experts in security, so that they also audit the servers before the day of connecting with the main network on the day of its launch. More details will be explained here in due time, today we are implemented a safe plan for secure the key and prevent double sing or be jailed for down time.

We offers to all Delegations 2 Years of 8% Delegating

We are willing to run more servers nodes (Sentrys) if the network needs it at any time, either temporarily by spikes in the network caused by cats in the form of crypto or permanently if the blockchain of cosmos needs it.

B -. 2 servers in different datacenters in the same country;

To run (1 Validator full-node) and (1 Validator full-node Backup)

Total initial servers for the day of the launch of the blockchain Cosmos. 5 Nodes.

With the Validator BackUp Node, we want to ensure that you never lose your benefits by delegating your Atoms in the Cosmos Blockchain.

As shown in the image below.

As shown in the total image 5 servers Cosmos Nodes. Distributed throughout the world in different data-centers but with the same security measures.

3 Non-Validator- Full-Node

2 Validator Full-one. (1 for Back Up)

The servers will be exclusively for cosmos, there will be no other blockchain or applications outside the cosmos.

The final hardware for each server will be commented here. Now the hardware of any of our servers is expandable if the network needs it at any time.

The configuration is designed to have the decentralized network and the safest of attacks Ddos or attempts of hackers to steal the keys.

By delegating your vote, your funds will never be in danger if a hacker will steal the private key or get lost for any reason, cant steallyour Atoms.

More official information of Cosmos here:

Thanks for support Cosmos-Validator-Node melea-trust

Happy Validating.