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meleaTrust Iris Decentralized Validator service

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Iris can be traded in Huobi Global


Currently, we are proud to participate in the IrisNet testnet Fuxi to Betanet aka mainnet IrisHub.

Need to build the Iris node no Docker?

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Running 3 Validators in the Iris Hub, for only 8% Commission.

Operator Address: iva18apxn7vzwvp5m3c4ed6lrsdvxu2fqgjvaw3l6s
Description: {StakeBank-meleaTrust}
Operator Address: iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu
Description: {8866-meleaTrust}
Operator Address: iva1n2tmjd8lvwtfplxaz2y75w2ysh0qlmqjute5rl
Description: {BlockMachine-meleaTrust}


CMD for delegate to my Validators, just update the amount of Iris want to delegate, Key-name and select the validator operator address

iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1000iris --address-validator=iva18apxn7vzwvp5m3c4ed6lrsdvxu2fqgjvaw3l6s

iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1000iris --address-validator=iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu

iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1000iris --address-validator=iva1n2tmjd8lvwtfplxaz2y75w2ysh0qlmqjute5rl

Please consider delegate to more validators you can and trust, for a decentralized Network.

Want to run Docker Iris:

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The servers are located in different countries for a decentralized network

Canada, France, Germany, and Spain.

Nodes are protected for DDos and other network attacks or hackers.

The idea of run 3 validator unless only one, for concentrate more voting power in only one Validator node, is because we are a stronger believer that the decentralization of the voting power is important for long term life.

The architecture of the nodes in general terms:

Part A

Part B


We are studying and test the used of YUBI-HSM + Ledger for validate blocks and protect the validators key even more if we can do it. we want to be secures and trusted.

The info in the service is anonymous, we don’t archive or safe info about the delegators address or any other data.

In the next days, we are planning to open a telegram group for our delegators can participate in pools and more if they wish. The idea is more decentralized we can be, better.

The idea of the meleatrust Validator is run a trusted service for our delegators and grow in harmony with the rest of validators in the IrisNetwork collaborating in all we can for help to grow IrisNetwork around the world. Not causing any bad impact in the world and his ecosystem. We tried to be the more ecological we can do better. We want to do a great job and help to others and the world if we can do it meanwhile validate blocks.

We are growing here in meleatrust and the updates when happens are planning to be published here.

For any doubts or suggestions write to telegram @Meleatrust



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