WHO are meleatrust and intentions to Iris network?



WHY users should consider delegating to your node?


Currently, we are proud to participate in the first IrisNet testnet Fuxi to Betanet aka mainnet IrisHub.

We believe and we want decentralization to be important, that is why we write guides so that anyone with access can be a user of Iris or test its operation. See the uptime and missed blocks for each validator. We are in the top 10! 100% up and less missed blocks.



Running 1 Validator in the Iris Hub, for only 10% Commission.

Operator Address: iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu
Description: {meleatrust 🐞}

CMD for delegate to my Validators, just update the amount of Iris want to delegate, Key-name and select the validator operator address

#meleatrust 🐞
iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1000iris --address-validator=iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu


Please consider delegate to more validators you can and trust, for a decentralized Network.

The servers are located in different countries for a decentralized network

Canada, France, Germany, and Spain.

Nodes are protected for DDos and other network attacks or hackers.



Thanks for the support and happy delegating.
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