Cosmos Tuto

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Cosmos Testnest Gaia-6002 its alive,

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Come to enjoy the testnet and run your own Node in the Cosmos Blockchain and build one Validator Node.

Official info about, Cosmos

Later i cant edit this post, for that remember for update go to official Cosmos Repo or my web if was deprecated.

Ok, now you have clear what is Cosmos, and you know is going to be huge, maybe you want to run your node and if you have the skills and the time for be a Validator, try to be one of the list. I am in the list.

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If you only want explore your skills you can run your node in home.

If your intentions is going to be one day one Validator, rent a server in one data center.
The node need high security and 24x7x365 days support.

Is not a game, is a serious job. Become a Validator. Have a lot responsabilitis, please red the Fac.

Are you ready?

lest do it.

Talking in what you need for build your Own node.

Hardware for your Server:

2 Cores
2mb Ram
20 Gb Disc

Ubuntu 16.04

Can start with one VPS and when the chain grow changed for one dedicated server and more.

I recommended for your server

Create new sudo user
Changed the ssh port from 22 to another port.
Block ROOT in ssh
active Firewall Open port 46656, 46657, and the port you choice for the SSH.

Now you are connected to your ubuntu server with the new user no like ROOT, and have connected in other port different to 22 if you don’t gonna get REKT.

Ok, Now time to build.

First you need install Golang and some tools.

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade -y

sudo apt-get install screen vim make wget git

wget -c '' -O go1.10.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.10.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

sudo rm -Rf go1.10.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

go version
The program 'go' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt install golang-go

#BEWARE Is installed but you need firts


go for

vi $HOME/.profile

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Add this lines to your file:


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Safe your file

reload your profile setup

source $HOME/.profile

go version
go version go1.10.3 linux/amd64

Now you can run Golang commands in your server. 😉

Time to Build Cosmos Node

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Install Gaia

go get

git checkout v0.19.0

make get_tools

make get_vendor_deps

make install

gaiad version 

gaiacli version


#Gaia is install, now is time to update the genesis file for gaia-6001

mkdir -p $HOME/.gaiad/config


rm $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json

cp -a go/src/ $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json

sudo vi .gaiad/config/config.toml

Write one name for your Validator Node

A custom human readable name for this node

moniker = “Write-validator-name”

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add this persistent_peers

persistent_peers = ",,80a35a46ce09cfb31ee220c8141a25e73e0b239b@,032fa56301de335d835057fb6ad9f7ce2242a66d@"



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Now open one screen

screen -S cosmosvalidator

gaiad start

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This is your node synchronizing the blockchain

open new windows with screen command

(Ctrl + a + c)

gaiacli status

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this show the last block your node is sync true, because is not ready yet. see the time in last block and wait sync: false.

When the node is sync:false is time to open your account in Cosmos

gaiacli keys add <write-one-name-for-your-account> =<key_name>


gaiacli keys add meleatuto

Check your private keys

  gaiacli keys show meleatuto

All your available keys

  gaiacli keys list

Save your address and pubkey to environment variables for later use:


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ok, now safe this data in one paper or where do you think is safe for the future of your family.

this is Your Cosmos testnets address


Go to

Claim some free steaks (steak is the token in testnet)

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Check the balanced in your account now

gaiacli account cosmosaccaddr14tn99z33qa3hc36zcux3lk4dwd7psdxwfghld4

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Now you have 1 steak in your balance and 10 FaucetToken

Congratulations your node is working and your account too.

Send Tokens

gaiacli send --amount=1steak --chain-id=<name_of_testnet_chain> --name=<key_name> --to=<destination_address>

Now maybe you want to run one Validator Node

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Upgrade account to Validator

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gaiad tendermint show_validator = (-pubkey=<your_node_pubkey>)


gaiacli stake create-validator --amount=1steak --pubkey=<your_node_pubkey> --address-candidate=<your_address> --moniker=satoshi --chain-id=<name_of_the_testnet_chain> --sequence=1 --name=<key_name>

Write your own data like

gaiacli stake create-validator --amount=1steak --pubkey=cosmosvalpub1zcjduc3q7gtarxhztvtwlke52ja44s6jzhgg6eh0usftsv6es25ruksy9v6s39r2jr --address-validator=cosmosaccaddr14tn99z33qa3hc36zcux3lk4dwd7psdxwfghld4 --moniker=meleatuto --chain-id=gaia-6001 --sequence=0 --name=meleatuto

You can add more information to the validator, such as–website, –keybase-sig, or –details. Here’s how:

gaiacli stake edit-validator --details="To the cosmos !" --website=""

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#Delegate your tokens and Active your Validator

Bond Tokens

On the testnet, we delegate steak instead of atom. Here’s how you can bond tokens to a testnet validator:

gaiacli stake delegate --amount=10steak --address-delegator=<your_address> --address-validator=<bonded_validator_address> --name=<key_name> --chain-id=<name_of_testnet_chain>

While tokens are bonded, they are pooled with all the other bonded tokens in the network. Validators and delegators obtain a percentage of shares that equal their stake in this pool.

Unbond Tokens

If for any reason the validator misbehaves, or you want to unbond a certain amount of tokens, use this following command. You can unbond a specific amount ofshares(eg:12.1) or all of them (MAX).

gaiacli stake unbond --address-delegator=<your_address> --address-validator=<bonded_validator_address> --shares=MAX --name=<key_name> --chain-id=<name_of_testnet_chain>

You can check your balance and your stake delegation to see that the unbonding went through successfully.

gaiacli account <your_address>
gaiacli stake delegation –address-delegator=<your_address> –address-validator=<bonded_validator_address> –chain-id=<name_of_testnet_chain>

View the validator’s information with this command:

gaiacli stake validator --address-validator=<your_address> --chain-id=<name_of_the_testnet_chain>

To check that the validator is active, look for it here:

gaiacli advanced tendermint validator-set

Congratulations, Now you have your Validator running and need go to Validator Official chat and present yourself and your intentions in the Cosmos Blockchain

Remember that it is a testnet network, prior to the launch of the real network. you must be connected to the official chat to be able to make the updates and the necessary changes in your server. The next post will be how to update the software when the new version comes out.


I hope you can be a good validator fo the Cosmos Blockchain.

My Cosmos Validator infrastructure

Later i cant edit this post for the new testnets go to
Here the Tuto is update,

Happy Validating